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Technical Concorde Flight


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Learn about Concorde's technical achievements, at the home of Concorde...

The Technical Concorde Flight adds much more time to the standard Concorde Experience, to explore the fascinating technical achievements of the aircraft. There will also be a chance to visit the Flight Deck, and spend time on the Concorde Simulator as she takes off from Heathrow, flies a low level pass over Brooklands, and lands back at Heathrow.

£30 per person

Pre-booking is essential for this event.

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Items Included in the Price

  • Welcome Reception in the Members' Bar with tea and coffee.
  • Presentation on Brooklands, its heritage, and Concorde.
  • Extended and more technical tour of the outside features of Concorde.
  • Extended time in the Rear Cabin exhibtion of Concorde.
  • The Concorde Experience Flight on the Brooklands Concorde.
  • Visit to the Flight Deck of Concorde.
  • Visit to the Concorde Simulator.
  • Concorde Flight Certificate.